The Philippine-American War

Research for Insurrecto and William McKinley's World led to my interest in the Philippine-American War. I created a website,, which contains research material for Insurrecto. I gave a talk on novel writing and war, link to Cornell video here. Here's a list of  some books to read on the Philippine-American war. Other articles are on my blog. 

Borges and the Postcolonial


I love Borges. He is important to me. So he has his own paragraph. I wrote about Borges and the postcolonial for the Los Angeles Review of Books: "Ours is like a Borgesian, fantastic country, a Tlön, dreamed up by diseased capitalists. And my job as an artist and a citizen is to pursue like a spy, a detective, a doomed translator, a reading and rereading of the double in the text, the elusive Filipino, who must be read awry through others’ words: inverse, anew."  Click here for link to article.

Interviews, op-eds, etc.

Here's a link to videos, online material, and so on.